Let's Use Memo - "Shopping necessary for us now"

Here, I explain the memo function.

You can set the following attributes to each item.
(1) Guide Price : The all-time low of the item or the maximum price limit that you may buy, etc.
(2) Place : A shop or an area where you buy it.
(3) Expiration Date: the best-before date or the use-by date.
(4) One-Time Memo : This is a memo erased when the shopping ends. Input a data needed only for the next shopping. (For example, "SALE at Apr.1, buy 5")
(5) Memo : Describe brand name and regular sale information, etc. freely. (For example, "20% off every Tuesday")

Then, Let's use it.

1. Using in the Catalog Edit Screen
Catalog Edit Screen
Press the Menu key at the Catalog Edit Screen.
Select "Settings" in the menu.

Settings Screen
Change "Type of Displaying Memo" in "Edit Catalog" Category to "Text".

Catalog Edit Screen
"Memo Input Button" of each items should be displayed when returning to the Catalog Edit Screen by the Back key.
Then, push any of these.

Memo Input Dialog
The Memo Input Dialog like the image is displayed.
The input dialog for the attribute opens when you push "Input Button" to the right of the attribute.
put some value there, push the OK button, and push the OK button of the Memo Input Dialog.

Catalog Edit Screen
the memo is displayed under the item name.
Repeat this operation for the items to which you want to set the memo.

Memo Display (Text)
Each attribute is arranged like the image.
(1) Guide Price
(2) Place
(3) Expiration Date
(4) Memo
Here, you might think One-Time Memo is where.
One-Time Memo is only displayed and editable in the Shopping List Screen. This is for the mis-input prevention.
Please refer to the next paragraph "2. Using in the Shopping List Screen" for details.

Memo Display (Icon)
When "Type of Displaying Memo" change to "Icon" on the Settings Screen, icons like the image are displayed instead of text.

The icon is colored when the value is set, and the gray when not set.
Use favorite one either the text display or the icon display.

2. Using in the Shopping List Screen
Catalog Edit Screen
The usage in the Shopping List Screen is almost the same as the Catalog Edit Screen.
When you change "Type of Displaying Memo" in "Shopping List" Category to "Text", the Memo Input Button of each items should be displayed.

Memo Input Dialog
However, there are two differences with the Catalog Edit Screen.
One is to be able to display and edit One-Time Memo.(1)
Anoter is not to be able to edit the memo though can be displayed. (2)

This purpose is to prevent the mistake that erase the memo by inputting it in the One-Time Memo field.
You can input memo in the Catalog Edit Screen, and can input One-Time Memo in the Shopping List Screen.
Be mindful of this.

Memo Display (Text)
The memo display of the text becomes like the image on the Shopping List Screen.
The point is
It is a point the One-Time Memo's being displayed.
(1) Guide Price
(2) Place
(3) Expiration Date
(4) One-Time Memo
(5) Memo

Memo Display (Icon)
It is the memo display of the icons. The icon of the One-Time Memo is displayed.

3. Input in the Item Entry/Edit Screen
You can input memo in the Item Entry/Edit Screen.
Editable attributes are same as the Catalog Edit Screen. (Guide Price, Place, Expiration Date, Memo)

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