Basic Usage - "Shopping necessary for us now"

Here, I explain the most basic usage.

1. Displaying a Shopping List
Menu Screen
Select "Shopping List" at the upper left of the Menu Screen.

Shopping List Screen
The Shopping List Screen is displayed.
This doesn't display anything at first though it is a list of items that you should buy.

Then, let's add items here.
Push "Catalog Edit Button" in the left end.

2. Specifying the shopping target from the Catalog
Catalog Edit Screen
(1) Select The category from an upper tabs. Tabs can scroll sideways.

(2) Push "Shopping Button" of items that be on the list of the selected category to add the items to the shopping list. The button is colored when it is "ON". The items whose Shopping Button is "ON" are added to the shopping list.

(3) Push "Shopping List Button" when you finish specifying items.(The Back Key is OK, too. )

Shopping List Screen
The specified items have been added to the shopping list.
Now let's go to shop.

3.Checking the Shopping
Shopping List Screen
In the shop, put what you need in the shopping basket while seeing the shopping list.

(1) Push "Check Button" of the items when putting it in the shopping basket. The button is colored when it is "ON".

(2) Push "Shopping Complete Button" when you finish paying at the cash register. The items whose Check Button is "ON" are deleted from the shopping list, and the shopping of the items ends.

You forgot to buy the items or they are not in the shop when the items still remain on the shopping list.

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