Let's Control Stock - "Shopping necessary for us now"

Here, I explain the stock control of the regular stock.
If you can be used to the stock control, forgetting purchase will decrease greatly.

Menu Screen

Select "Edit Catalog" at the upper right of the Menu Screen.

Catalog Edit Screen

(1) Push "Regular Stock Button" of items that you always stock in your house. The button is colored when it is "ON".

(2) "Stock Amount Button" is displayed in the items whose Regular Stock Button is "ON".
circle : The item is being stocked enough in your house.
triangle : The stock of the item has decreased. If it is sold cheaply, you may buy it.
cross : There is no stock of the item in your house. It is necessary to buy it at once.

The mark changes in order of a circle, a triangle, a cross, and a circle ... whenever the button is pushed. Let's input how much the present stock amount is.

The items whose Stock Amount Button is a cross are specified for the shopping target automatically.
So, forgetting purchase can be prevented because what you should buy is added to the shopping list by the stock control of the regular stock with the Stock Amount Button.

Shopping List Screen
When the regular stock is on the shopping list, the stock amount is displayed.
I hope you find it informative.

Then, when shopping of the regular stock is completed(it means you turn on the Check Button, and push the Shopping Complete Button), the stock amount is updated to a circle.

I think that you were able to master the main operation of this application at this point.
However, because the item registered in the catalog is an initial data now, this application is not convenient.
Next, let's customize the catalog for you.

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