Shopping List Tips - "Shopping necessary for us now"

1. Confirming and Importing Items whose Stock Amount is a Triangle
Shopping List Screen
The items whose stock amount is a cross are added to the shopping list automatically.
However, sometimes we want to add the items whose stock amount is a triangle.
(For example, when you shop in deep-discount store to which you doesn't go usually so much, when you shop in day of bargain sale of supermarket, When you cannot go shopping for a while...)
This function is suitable at such time.

Push "Triangle Import Button" in the Shopping List Screen.

Import Dialog
The list of the regular stock's name whose stock amount is triangle is displayed.
Select the item names if there are item names that you want to add to the shopping list and push the OK Button.

※This is an experimental function. It is highly possible that I will change it in the future because of its usability.

2. Sharing with Other Application (Mail Client etc.)
Shopping List Screen
If you request someone to buy items in the shopping list, push "Share Button" in the Shopping List Screen to send the content for mail and the chat.

The list of the application that can receive the text data should be displayed.
(It is familiar in Android. )

Select the mail client when you want to send mail and the twitter client when you want to send twitter.

3. Memo (From Version 1.1)
It moved here.

4. Sorting (From Version 1.1)
Shopping List Screen
Push "Sort Setting Tab" in the upper part of the screen when you want to sort the list in item's attribute.
The Sort Setting Screen is displayed.

Sort Setting Screen
There are the attributes that can be sorted by the list.
When you push (1) "Sort Button" of the item to be sorted and push (2) "Close Button" , the list is sorted.

down-arrow : It sorts the list in ascending order by the attribute.
up-arrow:It sorts the list in descending order by the attribute.
bar:It doesn't sort the list in the attribute.

When all buttons are bars, the order is the defaults.

Shopping List Screen
Push "Reload Button" at the top right corner of the screen when you want to arrange the items again on the same condition after editing the item.
Sorting is executed again.

5. Group Displaying (From Version 1.2)
Shopping List Screen
The list can be switched to the group displaying in the tabs on the shopping list screen.
Flat : no group
Categories : group by categories
Places : group by places. The items whose place is blank are in the "Nothing" group.

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